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How to Prepare for Fashion Week as a Model.

To prepare for Fashion Week as a model:

  1. Physical Readiness: Maintain fitness, skincare, and beauty routines. Make sure you take care of your skin, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep.

  2. Practice Posing and Walking: Develop a confident runway walk and practice poses.

  3. Know the Designers: Familiarize yourself with the designers' collections.

  4. Fittings: Attend fittings to ensure proper clothing fit.

  5. Hair and Makeup: Be prepared for designer-specified looks. Fashion show hair and make up can be hard on your hair and skin. Make sure you bring skincare and haircare. You'll never know if a gentle make up remover and hair heat protecting spray will be needed.

  6. Professionalism: Be punctual, respectful, and cooperative with the team. Clients often rebook models that are professional and nice to work with.

  7. Networking: Connect with industry professionals for future opportunities.

  8. Confidence: Carry yourself confidently and maintain a positive attitude.

  9. Essentials: Pack comfortable items, healthy snacks and stay hydrated backstage.

  10. Follow Instructions: Listen to backstage team and adapt to changes.

  11. Take a runway class at Barbizon to help prepare for castings!

Following these steps will help you shine on the runway during Fashion Week.

Happy Fashion Week and good luck!


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