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Why Shooting Street Style is Important

"Why are other models shooting street style and why should I?"

Other models include street style looks on their page because people who love and work in fashion enjoy viewing street style content.

As an inspiring modeling who is building their brand it is important to not only have quality model portfolio worthy images but also to have an instagram page that is a mix of your work, your hubbies, and your personality. Clients like to see your personality and how you might fit their brand image.

Street style images allow them to see your personality through your own unique style.

Models also like including street style shoots on their instagram page to help them attain new followers. Having over 10,000 followers can help a model book jobs.

Check out the street style images below that were shot at Barbizon NYC and ft our Barbizon Models Maria and Ariel.


Oct 165225_edited.jpg

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