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Building Confidence as an Actor

Building confidence as an Actor. Tips From Barbizon.

  • Drown out negative thoughts with positive ones: Every time you have a negative thought, stop it immediately, and shout something positive in your mind. For example, if you feel you’ll forget your lines, tell yourself the scene is a piece of cake. If you’re waiting for an audition in the waiting room and staring at the competition, tell yourself you will win this part today. If you keep your brain occupied with positive thoughts, there will be no room for the negative. Thinking negatively is like watering a bad seed; stop the thought as soon as you realize you’re thinking it and plant a new, positive thought in its place. Then, begin to water it by thinking it repeatedly, and positivity will become your new pattern.

  • Visualize a positive light flowing through you: Picture a magical light flowing through you. You can even imagine you’re a superhero. Just use the strongest visualization that makes you feel positively about yourself.

  • Take positive steps: Imagine that every step you take is filling you with energy. If you’re sad, every step fills you with happiness. If you’re sick, imagine every step filling you with good health. You can do this around the house or walking from your car to your audition. Flush out the negative by pumping in the positive.

  • Act like you are confident: As an actor, you already know that what you do with your body affects your emotions. If you have bad posture you’ll probably feel insecure. Instead, make your body work for you. When entering the room, hold your head up with shoulders back and smile with confidence. Stand or sit confidently. Do things you would do if you were confident. Smile and look people in the eyes. Have fun. When you act, trick yourself into feeling like you’re someone else—someone who is self-assured.


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