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How to Feel Fresh for Spring

Yay! It's officially spring, temperatures are warming, fashion is changing, and its all about new beginnings. Flowers are blossoming and are mood should too.

Here are some of our favorite ways to feel fresh for Spring!

1) Rearrange your room by changing up the decor, your furniture set up, and rearranging your clothes. It's time to bring out your spring wardrobe and start storing you winter clothes.

2) Beauty refresh. Some of your beauty products can be replaced with products that are better suited for the difference in the weather. You can also add a fresh scent to the mix.

3) Start spending more time outdoors! Being outside in the sun and enjoying the fresh air more does wonders for your vibes. Don't forget to wear sunscreen!

4) Create a journal or a vision board to keep track and help you manifest your goals. Spring is a great time to get ahead start on accomplishing your goals. If you are an inspiring model or an inspiring talent, get out there and start practicing your craft. Take advantage of the nice weather and use it to build content for your social media and your portfolio.

Check out our amazing students currently taking advantage of the new fresh weather.

(photos from @Paulo_thomazini @Alessandra.frazetta @kourtneeadlam @markrish01


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